Forthcoming: JSH February 2018

At the Journal editorial offices, we are looking forward to the first issue of Volume 84, which will be available in early February. As always, the February issue opens with the SHA presidential address. If you missed hearing Rice University’s John B. Boles present “My Life with the Journal” at the #2017SHA meeting in Dallas, you can catch up with it in print.

We are also pleased to present three new articles of original research in the February issue:

Alejandra Dubcovsky, an assistant professor of history at the University of California, Riverside, contributes “When Archaeology and History Meet: Shipwrecks, Indians, and the Contours of the Early-Eighteenth-Century South,” an examination of how the archaeological explorations of the salvage site of the 1715 Plate Fleet (Flota de Indias) wreck off the coast of Florida offer “a new entry point into the imperial and multiethnic layers of south Florida’s past.”

In “Redefining Vagrancy: Policing Freedom and Disorder in Reconstruction New Orleans, 1862–1868,” John K. Bardes, a Ph.D. candidate at Tulane University, provides an in-depth analysis of vagrancy arrest records in New Orleans during the early years of emancipation and Reconstruction to capture “vagrancy’s operation at the ground level—from the perspectives of both those policing and those being policed.”

Finally, in “Coushatta Homesteading in Southwest Louisiana and the Development of the Community at Bayou Blue,” Jay Precht, an associate professor of history at Penn State Fayette, follows how a homesteading law intended to help emancipated slaves gain land also enabled Louisiana’s Coushatta people to “build a community, continue relations, maintain self-goverance, sustain cultural traditions, and develop new institutions”—in short, “to assert their Indian identity, in a region usually thought of in binary racial terms.”

This first issue of 2018 will be mailed to SHA members and be available digitally through Project MUSE in early February.

About the Author

Bethany L. Johnson is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Southern History.