SHA Condemns Executive Orders on Immigration

On January 27, 2017 the SHA Executive Council officially adopted the following statement in response to the president's executive orders restricting immigration: “The Southern Historical Association condemns President Donald J. Trump's January 27 executive order. While shamefully closing our borders to refugees, in a chilling reprise of the exclusion of Jews seeking asylum from Nazi persecution, the order also strikes at our students and colleagues engaged in lawful activities that are fundamental to our work as historians: teaching, study, and research. As persons who hail from, live in, or write about the South, we particularly deplore anything that smacks of persecution by reason of ancestry or religion. We think it apropos, at the start of Black History Month, to echo Frederick Douglass's vow that he 'would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.'"

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About the Author

Stephen Berry is Secretary-Treasurer of the SHA and Gregory Professor of the Civil War Era at the University of Georgia. The author or editor of six books, Berry co-edits the UnCivil Wars series at University of Georgia Press with Amy Murrell Taylor and co-directs the Center for Virtual History with Claudio Saunt.